Vert - Black Blood Lyrics

forever I am alone in my sin
won't you admit you're there with me
till never I'll fly through a sand storm
won't you chain yourself to satan's nightmares
to set me free

I searched for death 'till I found day
I saw my self and ran away
to the forest that held even the shadow of the sun
and they hold the lie that was to dark to be spoken
and if truth is only real if your frame of mind allows
then the forest was in me as were the tears

don't run away
you'll run to reality
where it's to bright to see...
my dying soul,lost and forgotten for all eternity
and bleeding over my eyes

as I sit I reflect on how you seemed so upset
by the strange ways of mine
and you melt in the rain
and dry in the sun, so dry that you're tasteless now
hold on to what you are and what you were
when you were innocent you were ignorant
to the sin and what you would be,
to see through a child's eyes the truths of another world
and a dead time, now the clock doesn't turn
but you've aged to the old
to the dying to the lame

don't run away, you'll run to reality
where it's to bright to see...
my dying soul, lossed and forgotten
for eternal recompense
and bleeding black blood

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