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Vert - Love To Die With You Lyrics

You carried me in a rocket ship
to the farren moon
so you brought me in an unworthy ship
to the bottom of a bottomless sea
I ate it all up and you looked tastie
and you swallowed my blood
and I swallowed your words whole
oh baby what's it all about
would you do mit again
You picked my love to
smoke out your heart
I'm the chosen man for this
suicied mercie mission
but you faught the sistem of the rollong down stairs
yeah you skreamed to the bottom
Was it me or something yet to br discovered
you kiss me I kiss you hard
you slapped my face
I tore you apart
you loved me like nothin'
I loved you like a little more each day
so oh love oh darling
wowe to the once more
for dying without sayin' where you were headed
I'm the creation of the created
your the creation of my mind
it's due to you crazy
die my haert of killing souls
die for lack of self control
live to love the love from above
still dead and believing
Oh God you love my love
is she something new
cause I'm pretty sure my dad was sayin' something
oh baby what was it all for
love to die with you

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