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Vert - Lies Of Lovers Lyrics

A piece of chalk skratching the board
a fork tapping the plate
dogs barking at space
a million zits trying to dominate the same face
It's all annoying to you and me
and nothing's true when it's passed on by you
She clings to me with her head on my chest
she crys for she's in love
she licks my lips it's love eternal
more like rage to churn and turn ill
Your house is burning
your rope has fallen
but you're still learning
bees die in pollen
It's all annoying for me and you
and nothing's true when it's said by you
my life is my Lords
my secret love is rebellion
even if your heart's iron plated
you'll still end up lossed and jaded
nothing's forever
no one can hold you up
the bright sun turns to bad weather
the good china turns into a plastic cup
It's all annoying for me and you
and nothing's false or true
it's older than you
it's a lie when tolled by you...
you were grounded and the truth flew
I love you
yes I know I do
but I don't have the strength to
so what's true

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