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Vert - Screamers Dreamer Lyrics

(This is the one I love and I will not destroy her. Still I see her
bleeding in my mind. And
in my heart I know her death will destroy me.)
Now crumbles these dreams
Now hear my haunted screams
Now humble yourself before what I say
Now soon this lust becomes a hunters heart
And you and I the prey
Eyes turned down in shame(and back)
Too disgraced to shift the blame
Wedge into my ears dried blood
Burn my spirit with your souls fire
My skin it decays as I walk this wire
Wade through the lake of dead souls
Now think of me as a brittle cage
Do you need a love to sanctify, or innocence to crucify, how about me
Take my fingers one by one and slowly break them
Take my palms, then take two nails and drive them through my skin
Your eyes your hate testify to me
Your words are desperate, plagued by anguish, set free
Now it awakens from deep within
A blossoming flower of self hatred
Watered by our sin...and trying to over grow me once again.
(I guess it's too late to mumble a prayer for you now. How about if I
cry for you forever
now? I pray that you can forgive me that I might forgive myself
(C)1998, Vert/Michael A. B. jr/Poetic destruction Inc.

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