Brighten - Just Breathe Lyrics

Is there something in the way i move across the floor?
i know its obvious to say you don't need me anymore
its so quiet tonight just look just how it looks outside
im lost on another walk

so just breathe

have you ever tried lying (no i don't want to be like you)
o please just get over yourself trying to be the best
and do what you thought none of us could do
o please don't argue with me (o man you look so crazy)

so just breathe
(don't just tell me what you want me to hear and ill be fine)

have i been this way forever (no im just here for the bad weather)
look at me im talking to myself (imagine how it looks for everyone else)

i don't need you

when i look to the sky and see myself
i don't want to be anywhere else but with you

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