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Dambuilders - Teenage Loser Anthem Lyrics

Blow off school if you don't wanna go.
There's a part of you that they'll never know.
A part of you that they can't control.
Will you get over it,
When you wake up,
In your little boy bed?
Don't let your dad tell you what to do.
Just get high in middle school.
Forget the middle class and fuck his middle age rules.
And decide,
If you don't know,
It's forever.
When you're in class, don't say a word.
Don't even try 'cause you'll never be heard.
Teenage loser, U.S.A.
Not much to lose but even less to say.
And now that the chance is missed,
Do you know why you never slashed your wrist?
And decide,
If you don't know,
It's forever.

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