Blinding Light (the) - I Can't Slow Down Lyrics

The ink is running
From the sweat
Running off my face
"What you up to?"
Is what it's come to
Time and time again
I can't remember
Where I've been
Time after time
This heat is mine
Burning out the bend
But I can't slow down
This time
I'll resent bumming
Run down slumming
The end is coming
And it ain't even funny
This time I'll resent
Before the bridge
Burning it
Not so sure
What's under it
Can't stop running
The tears keep coming
But I can't slow down
Yesterday's news leaks through
A hole in my shoe
Her kiss left a bit...
...a bit of a bruise
Keep it coming
Yesterday's news
Leaks through a hole
In my shoe
There's nothing left...
...left to lose
Keep it coming
Blinding Light (the) Lyrics

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