3 Seconds To Short

3 Seconds To Short - All Along lyrics

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Be careful what you wish for, it just might come true<br />

And I wish that I was still with you.<br />

All that has crumbled I guess it didn't work<br />

Well I guess that I'm still a jerk.<br />

Yet I still think of you every night and day<br />

It don't seem right since you went away<br />

Like a missing puzzle piece I know I'll never find<br />

Pretty sure that I was right.<br />

<br />

All Along, with everything that I said.<br />

All Along, can you get that through your head?<br />

All Along, did I do one thing wrong?<br />

All Along, I still tried to be your friend.<br />

<br />

How'd you deal with my stupid shit every stupid day?<br />

Some how we got through it every stupid way.<br />

We could talk for hours and hang out now and then,<br />

But in the end were still friends, <br />

Guess it was for the best, I couldn't joke no more<br />

Anything I said would make you hate me more<br />

You were right and I was wrong unless we'd always fight<br />

But I'm pretty sure that I was right<br />

<br />

Chorus 3x

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