3 PIECE - Wedding Day lyrics

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It's My Wedding Day

It's Your Wedding Day

It's Our Wedding Day

Can I Talk To You Baby(Listen Girl)

12/20 I Been Close To You

Told You All The Things That We Could Do

I Wanna Get Married And Have Some Kids

Tell Me What Your Answer

She Said Yes

One Year Later We're Havin Strong Relations

6months Later Sent The Invitations

3months Later Had A Honeymoon Vacation

Good Things Come To Those Who Are Patient

The Day I Say I Do

Cause Girl I Love You

Wont You In My Life

Girl Wont You Be My Wife

Now Im Standing At The Alter

Sweatin Cause Im Nervous

I Whisper To My Best Friend

I Got Butterflies In My Stomach

Wont They Come On And Start The Service

Looked To My Left

Thats When I Saw You Smile

All Dressed In White

Walking Down The Isle

You Got A Little Closer

Thats When I Started To Sing

Cause This Is The Day

We Exchange Our Wedding Ring

(It's Our Wedding Day)

Baby Im In Love

You Are The One In Thinkin Of

(It's Our Wedding Day)

I Wanna Make You Happy

(It's Our Wedding Day)

I'm Very Happy

(It's Our Wedding Day)

With This Ring I Say I Do

I Give My Heart And Soul To You

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