3 Melancholy Gypsies

3 Melancholy Gypsies - Beautiful Mind lyrics

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I know I'm only using 10% of what you offer But I feed you what I'm reading Trying to brighten up my chakkas Imposters Hide behind degrees and certificates Some seek to expand you by using barbiturates In sitting with his book Tryin' to get a better look Through these words as mirror I should hope to see you clearer I'm a pigment of your imagination it appears So mold me Shape me Hold me Take me Existence is a window and our dreams are the draperies Lately, I'm lonely cause you're still the only One who understands my plans and consoles me I'm hoping we can find That match for our soul And through that union we become a new whole But for now it's you and the life we create Destiny we control and the fate that we shape That's enough to keep us busy till we find the right mate But if we never do At least I had this time with you One body one mind, we combined the two A pair like us you'll only find a few Until my last day I pray I stay this way with you

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