3 Inches Of Blood

3 Inches Of Blood - Wykydtron

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In the year four thousand fifty five, Wykydtron came to life<br />

Born of a scientific design to serve all human kind<br />

Artificial intelligence bred for future war<br />

When galaxies will crumble and fall to their knees<br />

<br />

It breaks free from it's hold taking military control<br />

A fate seen all across the world<br />

It takes hold of the Earth, breeding legions to his control<br />

Soon to seize all power in the sky<br />

<br />

Programmed to crush<br />

Programmed to destroy<br />

Its brainwaves only wired for death<br />

<br />

It's wired to kill<br />

All on the Earth<br />

Nuclear bound - you'll fear his name<br />

Hey it's The Wykydtron<br />

It's The Wykydtron<br />

Hey it's the Wykydtron<br />

Whoa-oh!<br />

<br />

An army's formed to crush the Earth<br />

Our creation, the master of our demise<br />

Humanity is doomed<br />

Fifteen years since creation's time, the war has turned to space<br />

Human kind has one chance left to turn the tides of fate<br />

Warheads are the only way to stop The Wykydtron<br />

Millions die, radiation blast from Hell<br />

<br />

Flesh, it peels away as all the people die<br />

This is the end of the human race<br />

Our creation becomes the master of our own demise<br />

<br />

We are drones<br />

We fooled ourselves<br />

We finally sealed our fate<br />

<br />

He it's the Wykydtron<br />

It's the Wykydtron<br />

Hey it's the Wykydtron<br />


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