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3 Degrees - Maybe lyrics

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You know girls:<br />

it's hard to find a guy that really blows your mind<br />

And you just dig everything about him<br />

And when you mess up your good thing<br />

you feel like you wanna die<br />

I know because I messed up mine<br />

<br />

You know girls:<br />

sometimes we can say some pretty dumb things<br />

I told the nicest guy in the world to get lost<br />

"I don't need you"<br />

But he was cool...<br />

How do you just forget something that's a part of you<br />

<br />

And then one evening I was standing at the bus stop<br />

and I heard a voice behind me say:<br />

"Hi baby"<br />

Oh I just fell apart inside<br />

because I hadn't heard that voice in such a long time<br />

I turned aroud and there he was<br />

Aww he was looking so good<br />

I couldn't help but wonder if the flame was still there<br />

But I knew I had to find out and it had to be now<br />

So I took his hand and I looked into his eyes and I said<br />

I Said:<br />

<br />

Maybe if I prayed every night (on my knees)<br />

You'll come home to me (home home)<br />

And baby maybe if I cry every day<br />

You'll come back, you'll come back to stay<br />

Maybe (maybe maybe baby)<br />

<br />

Oh, oh maybe if I could hold your hand (maybe)<br />

You'd understand (maybe maybe baby)<br />

Maybe maybe maybe<br />

maybe if I just kissed your sweet lips<br />

you'll be at my command<br />

Maybe (maybe maybe baby)<br />

Oh, oh, Maybe (maybe maybe baby)<br />

Yeah Maybe (maybe maybe baby)

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