2ND II NONE - Intro

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I'll say what's up, KK's down for the rushin'

Niggaz who are full of shit I think I should flush 'em

They from the other side, I know I couldn't trust 'em

So I cocked the gat... and said fuck 'em

Yo I'm my own man, a down strong man

I ain't fadin'? (shit..), you got it wrong man

What's up fool, we can toss or let's get 'em up

Toe to toe - so nigga, what's up?

[Gangsta D]

The Dee love the daily average hoe

I was known to the bitches as havin' about four or more

A young nigga that was down for the title

The block gang was my rival

I remember bitches and bitches and niggaz and niggaz

and hoes and hoes, and all the good times at Centenial

And all the niggaz that support the cut... y'all motherfuckers stay up...

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