2ND II NONE - Don't Mean To Turn You On

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Kane got it goin' on. Hey girl I didn't mean it. Hey a sweet love a sweet

love. Girl I didn't mean it. Check it out.


I never should of tripped with a girl in a woman's place

But it was all in her thighs and her cute face

Now see baby kind of sexy yeah she got it goin' on

But damn did she have to go and get sprung

Young girl now let me think

Can I get your attention with my left eye wink

Or maybe please can I call you baby

Will a buldge in my pants drive a young girl crazy


How could it be

She gave her body so easily

Next was sex on top of me


Or did I make it too good for ya baby

Now peep KKs another yeah

A step down from a lover but no farther then friends

Ya see I got a plan like I always said ya know

Girl I gotta go gotta go now see


Baby I really didn't mean to turn you on

I didn't mean to turn you on [x2]

Now baby tell me what's goin' on

The way you treat a nigga you know it's wrong now


Bitch come down take a ride with me

I'll show you how things are suppose to be

Like killing that cat from the back

Brake it down to the floor

With a 20 sack of love you don't hear me though

Now baby baby


You gotta put your face up or either raise up (yeah)

Cause when it comes to lovin' I got a lot of huggin'

And you can be my muffin

So don't be surprised if I lick up in between your thighs

And make you cream on yourself

Cause I'm pack the proper love that can stay on swole

And make that money straight fold

So if you ready I can give you the world

Just get it like that you go girl


Now baby relax take a sip of the Conjac of Henessy

When you finish me cause we can do that

So don't be shy (just turn around a minute)

And spread them thighs

(And know I'm all up in it)

Strokin', pokin' and teasin'

Cause I'm the only one that be pleasin'

I'm lettin' you know I'll treat you fair

So come on let me take you there

Now you gotta make it easy as can be

If you wanna come kick it with a fool like me you know

(I can make it better) Hey only if you let it

(What's up with you and me girl?)

Baby can I wet it

Now you wanna run you're tryin' to make me chase

Sweet honeybun can I get a taste?

Sex don't have to be if you don't want it to be

But when it's time to make it happen make it happen with me



Did you do it like this? Then you can do it like that. Do you make it feel

good? I can make it real good. [x2]

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