YUKMOUTH - Ridaz Lyrics

*(yukmouth)*Yes!(uh!)Yes!Welcome!(thug niggas throw yo turf in the air!)Smoke-a-lot up in this bitch!(throw yo hood in the air!)A-g-2 the ke, dmg, yes!Let's kick this anthem shit.Chorus *(yukmouth)*All of my niggas ridazSmall time grindas, pimps and big timersWhether it's heron or hemp wit chinaI'm not a bitch on the strip sellin vagina.(come on, come on)Verse 1 *(yukmouth)*Nigga I'm always into somethinIf I can't beat yo ass then I'm dumpinGive a nigga the pumpkin head deluxeThen come back an shoot up they whole fuckin functionWe funkinRootin-tootin, smokin on blunts wit skunk until a nigga malfunctionGet in the coupe and punch itNiggas be funkin for nothinFuckin the game, another nigga done lost his name for side bustinFire somethinPuffinI put it up in the airYou niggas live to die hustlin, I'm fuckin wit playas from every whereFrom las vegas to delaware on down to thereI'm a thousandaireMackin bitches, draggin ¡®em down the strip juss by they hairLike oh dear!Where the fuck is money? don't go thereI leave yo ass stuck, hungry starvin in the middle of no fuckin whereI swearCut off your privlage like welfareSection 8, smoke-a-lot'll stay placed in berlinBy the end of 9-8, hell yeahThen I'll be straightFuck off a hundred g's and still got money up in the safeRidaz nigga!*(chorus)* 2xVerse 2 *(g-mone of a-g-2-a-ke)*Go inside the twitchin, missin, my mission I vision the hitSuckas keep watchin yo mental mix is gettin twistedWho is this? in the kitchen wit fixings for the come upServin rocks on the block til it get hot snitch we ridin on yaBitch we ridazRemind ya that niggas highIf I introduce you to the ditch, you don't wanna dieIs the hitSmoke, drank already litCaulkin my shitWho you think you fuckin wit? I said recognize the mutha fuckin mobb hoeI don't know nothin, juss heard poppin by the doorWho flipped you in the river did you see g mone in the oBy the ? ? ? Flippin this a-g-2-a mutha fuckin keYou best believe we rob yo spotWhy not? we rap-a fuckin lotOwe us some paperThere's no reason for us to not glockPosted wit yo mouth open hopin that I don't squeezeWit a swift chopped up to his kneesSay where the cheese? We ridaz!*(chorus)* 2xVerse 3 *(yukmouth)*I'm juss a y.g.Who snuck in the gamblin shacksScramblin crack wit niggas who did more years than geronimo prattKillas wit hands on they gats, mutha fuckin murder fo' hireMobb attire, pupils dialated, nigga hog tied in barb wireTorture, squeeze a niggas nuts wit plyersPut his place on fireThen escape juss like mcguyver wit the get-away driverLive and direct from the projects that be gatedOn some made shitOutlaw affiliated!He chose to spray wit gagesBaraccaded the scene, yellow tape and white chalkNiggas who like doe, I get paid offFuck a write-offIt's tax free moneyDeliver 'em a china up inside a taxi honeyTask be lookin at me funnyKnow I'm a trigga happy, gats be hungryBarkin on niggas like dmxBeat bitches like pmsAnd flee ridin a bmx, flippin ga checks at yo setGrab the promoter by his mutha fuckin neckDon't be fooled by the rolex!*(chorus)* 2xVerse 4 *(dmg)*Who in the mutha fuckin hellNothin but regime ridazSouthside affiliated wit big timersBallersKillers, who live in mansions off the waterLunitiks, shippin in bricks after brick200 percent, pure snow white coca-colaStraight yola all the way from the bay to minnesotaWhat you know bout, this face mob ridaDumpin off on yo shit 4 and 5 timerYuk, I think it's time we fuck these mutha fuckas upShow these mutha fuckas up, straight up drama uncutFuck they mamasThey fuckin wit killas wit seven figgasPsycos, drinkin the bottles of nitroNow it was yukmouthThat told me thatHe got 5 on itAnd I believed thatAnd now youBetter believe it tooNigga I will shootMurder up you and you we ridaz!! (echos)*(gun shots fire off)*

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