YUKMOUTH - My Buddy Lyrics

Me and you[daz] and you know thatMe and you[daz]Who can fade it, two assassins up on the micBlastin', askin' no questions, when they catch you in a gunfightKaboom! we still mash as a teamAs we mash for our dreams, ? hood niggaz for greenIt's dillinger, fulfillin, makin a low outta killinPullin' scandalous ? fulfillin fantasy dreamsCatch me on a costa rica, with an island full of weedMoney and bitches, on a boat for sweden[numskull]See when I'm yellin'International help meNo colorlines on myUgly and fineYou can sell meI'm glad folks think the same way as I doCause I stab bitches way down in the bayouWould you make way for two mo'Fo' blows, like you have hoesStamp a nation wide through the ghettoFore youngsters, hennesy sponsorsWith fore youngsters on aQuarter of the map now I do[daz]I spin mayor loot and khaki suitsNike's and cripsacks,Wetsuits and leather bootsI block niggaz twice with thighsBuck with a .45Make you open while you blast at the parking lot[numskull]What you speakin' onWanna go through itDrink a lot, made from fluidScrump bitch, don't you hear the musicMy buddy, daz dilly and numskullYou will be thankedWith you're petty pang pettyChorus: repeat 2xTo all my niggaz.. and all my bitchesThrow your motherfuckin hands in the airAnd if you don't give a fuckLike we don't give a fuck thenThrow your motherfuckin hood up in the air[kurupt]Check it outNo bitch ass niggaz, no funny ass hoesDogg pound gangstas drippin' in low-lowsYou ain't all about the homiesYou besta check the faultPencils, playin niggaz in the crowd styleThinkin bout the row outta townWith the heater cock bust a million roundsDogg pound international's breakin off foolsWhile the dock can bustThe facility touch[yukmouth]I laid this game downJumped around and kissed myself like I was james brownSpin around and hit the splits on the groundSplit your motherfuckin crownTurn this ifs into poundsDogg pound live around,Niggas hittin' the groundFuck around and get shot upI tear shit upYou can ask puffLil cease, mary j. b. and jodeciAbout that nigga yukMeans the hardcoreGot kicked off tourFor piss marking on the hotel floor[kurupt]G riders, we ride, dp rideGet the mashin niggazOr the mat see automatic,Get the blastin niggazShakin nigga, bankin niggaQuit the heaterStop blankin niggaz[yukmouth]I'm danked outSurrounded by weed smokeYou see me and my niggas in the club,Thugged up, suited in steet clothesWe roll, cut doughCause weed soOn triple gold, see hoesWith weed with me and my amigoChorus 2x[knumbskull]Who did that, who shittedWho spoke on the ghetto values,Who supa-dupu flyyyyyI catored to the pimps, players, hustlers and bastards[kurupt]Why don't you meet me over in the o, homieCause when I get there,The hoes will be all off on meI know y'all got a gang of bitches...[daz]...ha, haAnd like fabulous thangs and livin' life expensiveIn nights machine dippin'With a pocket full of c-notesCruise the block with a 9 lookin' for weed-oAnd oh yeah, who got the gangsta shitDaz and kurupt, numskull, yuk for shit bitch[yukmouth]Known as your playa potnaSlain ice cream fools and (? )Rockin hilfiger just like kadadaI walk around the house of rockwilder,Just like a mobsterThe o-a-k bust and throw it awayHoop out the roof down in laAnd then go aloofOpps! and make a nigga spookedWith a couple of screws looseAnd find your homieSweatin, buck naked locked up in a chicken coopWhy? Livin that destory all artsZark, and blast a homesPull back and grab your mothafuckin heart out your chestIf you tested the best like david koreshGet ready to beReincarnated in the motherfuckin fleshYes yesChorus 2x

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