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YUKMOUTH - It's In My Blood Part Ii Lyrics

*(dmg)*Yeah.Make sure that shit be playin real loud.(me and yuk you know.)Verse 1 *(dmg)*UhNow once againMe and my niggaIt's in my bloodWe straight killasI be the d and to the m an the m and to the gComin from the m-p-l-s, s-t-pAll say it wit meSt. paulinSouthside niggasForever ballinLead you to the circle, meet niggas wit purple eyesCan't forget my niggas who live on the north sideCould you club what? G-d'sThrow up yo fins niggaIt's all mightyNow what it is, it's part two niggaIt's brand new (brand new)Juss fo' youNow where you from nigga? I'm from the mid-westWho want some nigga? I leave yo shit wetNow is it you nigga? You got the balls? Well bring it on nigga, I kills ¡®em allI thought you knew niggaOh you ain't hear the first? It's in my blood niggaBut now it's way worseIt's in my blood.(it's in my mutha fuckin blood! nigga!)Chorus *(yukmouth)*It's in my bloodSmokin sweets, drink 40's to the sudsAnd fuckin wit these thugs niggaIt's in my bloodYou wonder why us niggas be hustalasAnd out there sellin drugs niggaIt's in my bloodThat drug money, stuff that shit up under the rugAnd make them cops bug niggaIt's in my bloodNiggas like me turn niggas like you into hustalasFuckin wit thugs, fuckin wit us!Verse 2 *(yukmouth)*Regime lifeShit trife niggaSlangin china white at nightGet light nigga2 point 2 pounds of whiteMy shit tight niggaWhat yo grip like? Ship like a half a million when I'm fuckin wit micsBustin on micsWit 5 mics to back itKick the acrofacts on the cracks while my nigga d flip it backwardsRegime killas niggaThe captainThe king of crack and still rappin, bubble up makin movesYou niggas still jackinThat's why I'm livin ill, steel packinDive on top of niggas and feel like action jackson, wit my 9 millBlastinA real assassin, juss invite me to your mansion homieI bet a nigga'll come back that same night as a mask man demandin moneyPandamonySee my fam is hungryEat a can of phony emcees, then dump they ass in san antoniCuz niggas bologney like oscar myersMobb attireMakin cops retire the way i, hurdle over barber wireFence thisI pimp shitRelentlessThe guiness book world record holder, for fuckin over the most bitchesRegime shit, the thug preachableIndividual-ly, put niggas faces up on the obitualsI was taught to get the doeIt's in my blood since I was crawlin on the rugAnd pops was in the kitchen rockin up drugsYes sir!Back then, I knew who I was, a thugAnd still a thug until they make me feel the slugs niggaIt's in my blood!*(chorus)* 2x

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