YUKMOUTH - Ice Cream Man Lyrics

*(yuk speakin)*Listen, I bring to you.(chimes)Here ye, here ye!Attention all dope fiends, haha!This is a smoke-a-lot pre-sentationCheck it!I bring to you.... the 5th ward mutha fuckin boyz!An smoke-a-lot himself!Chorus *(fa sho)*I am a dope fiend an(the ice cream factory)I need my drugsI bought 'em from the ice cream man(in '98, posted up, posted up)He's my neighborhood thugI know I need to stop, butI say no(slang crack)Cuz I'm a dope fiend an.... I need my drugs!Verse 1 *(yukmouth)*Nigga.First you cut the stove up450 degrees farienhietMix the bakin soda wit the china whiteSugar delight, puruvian flake crack rockPlaya fill the pot up wit water, put the pot on the stove to make it hotThen rock it upPlace the caviar in a jar full of boilin water, then shake it upThat's how I rock it upPresice, before I chop it upI sell itMy dope fiend test the product to see if I got the stuffPackin gats incase I gots to bustMy cousin rode off in the wind wit two chickens, ever since then noNigga I can trustPlus, family an business don't clickCuz family members try to play you like a bitchI'm quick to pistol whip this shit outta niggas like thisMy niggas from the vill killin each other, go to jail an turn snitchLike a bitchMe, I slang double ups, half thangs an zipsBlueprints on how to bubble up, have thangs an gripDigital triple beam at my labBreakin down slabs an bump a zipperNigga 28 grams wit the bagFuck itDrop jag or a cutlassMy ice cream truck be the toughest.Chorus *(fa sho)*I am a dope fiend anI need my drugsI bought 'em from the ice cream manWell, he's my neighborhood thugI know I need to stop, butI say noCuz I'm a dope fiend an.... I need my drugs!Verse 2 *(007of the 5th ward boyz)I screamYou screamWe all scream for ice creamTrippin out these dope fiendsBringin back all kinda thingsT.v.'s, camcorders, vcr's, stereosBeepers, cell phones, any thing they get they hands onNigga I don't want this shitBring me back some cashEven dope fiend bitches try to get it for some assBitch I don't want no pussyI don't want no headI see they drapped the preist, creepin, violation the police.Verse 3 *(e-rock of the 5th ward boyz)See we mobb figgasCoke dealas7-4-7 straight to oak-town hit 'em up wit yuk nowYola snatchersMade money, go-gettersBlood elapse yaTurn around an pimp slap yaI'ma make you love me bitchWit the cock or the rocksStockin up the million dolla spotsRollin in ahCandy coated '98 big body tahoePlenty dope smokers.*(chorus)*Verse 4 *(lo life of the 5th ward boyz)*All I need is one birdAn I wont turn backAn I'm show you how to turn this tough, turf-town white powder to crackAn I keep my clip clacked, soPlease don't try an jackIn the midst of the transact, I found where the dope fiends atI over reactAfter midnite, while sellin my creamA dope fiends dream is to follow me, while, smokin out a screenI drive by in my ice cream truckWit fiends run upI got 'em touchin for the good stuffWhite colored and blueI got yo drugs!Verse 5 *(yukmouth)*I got yo drugsHeron, infedamines an crackFiends get jackedFiends get slappedFiends that rapThey got me back an fourthI'm tryin to shake the stateBakin cakesRazor bladesKragen platesBusta niggas they can hateSlangin major weightThousand grams is a keyOutta town a pound of boogie brown cost a gSo I send it downCouple a rounds, never lost to pNever lost a gMutha fuckas never crossin me.*(chorus)* 2x(echos out)

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