YUKMOUTH - Godzilla Lyrics

Verse 1You niggas juss created a monstaFuck a tampa I smoke ganjaUp in the bahamas racin yamaha jet skisMoney launderin like casa blancaLuminate the concertAimin missile launchersHe's crazy cometMentally disturbed karmaWit all dramaI put that on my mamaI'm down to hog tie my playa potnaDon't make me spray ya potnaIf you wanna save yo daughter nigga, give up the infoAnd throw that plasticy mutha fucka out my limoWit three up in his templeThe land where niggas pimp hoes bigI do this for the streets ofSan fransisco on down to south centralMy speechToo hard on the instrumental will get yo club shot upDrugs get rocked upHustalas settin shop upRunnin from coppasAnd helicoptersPourin out vodkaFor all my dead potnasAnd make me wanna drop my chopperAnd saluteNigga put yo glocks in the air and saluteNigga shootOnly my first three times, nigga recoupY'all niggas be bloopsNo, publishin givin the lootTo your executive produceSellin bubble lex coupesOn lootBeat yo bad bitches in daisy dukesPoppin they coochWhile my fuckin name is introduced1,2,-1,2Clear my throat, check the mic1,2 -1,2How many mutha fuckas wanna smoke? Whatcha want do? I throw a tree full blunt into the crowdSnatch a pile of moneyProbably a thousandThrow it in the crowdNigga nowBig poppa styleWhile I used to be on section 8Now it's shrimp and lobster nowAnd livin like a mobbsta nowAn niggas who snitched like sammy the bulldogA final, or donny brasco body found in the barrioWit quatro, cinco hallowsUp in pabloA tommyano killaBut never shit across the mobb thoughKeep yo mouth closedWe hold the fuckin code of silenceJuss give me great beats and violinsMy flow is violentCold as tyranntsHearin the po-po sirensLive an direct, while you slide yo vetNiggas think it's real, but chill, it's only a cassetteYes, gangsta shit to the fullestHollow tip bullets through yo chestHad to dismiss a lot of fake niggasJuss to make scrillaThe industry be tryin to rape niggasBut I'm a straight killaWhite as fuck like grade a gorillaThe mobb niggas used rob niggas fo, hagan das niggaKeep a bribe wit herHalf a chicken up in a ride niggaFuck y'all niggasI come stompin to eat 'em up like godzillaShort stoppin my scrilla, nigga my cheddar cheeseCelebertyLet my nigga pac rest in peaceQuit fightinKnow that God hate ugly niggasQuit bitinSo I shoot you in yo face buddyWhat you wanna do? I got crewKillas from the midwestTo new jerus, on down to baton rougeNiggas bangin screwsThe m-o-u crucifixatesIf you'se a trick hateGo home and ask yo bitch how my dick taste.(how my dick taste)Nigga, m-o-u crucifixatesIf you'se a trick hateAsk yo bitch how my dick taste.*(screaming)*Oh no!Oh no!He's alive!Godzilla's alive!Godzilla's alive!Oh no! you've gotta see it!This is john jerry, this is john jerry reporting from channel 4 news!You gotta see this!Call the president!Godzilla's alive!Call the president! tell the president to call the navy seals!He's here, he's steppin on shit!He's crushing!.....oh my god!Godzilla's alive! oh you got to see this shit!Oh!

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