YUKMOUTH - City Of Dope Lyrics

Gather 'round, gather 'round, hurryUh, welcome! uh, little boys and girlsListen, I'm bout to lace y'all motherfuckersAbout oakland, the city of dopeThe first place in the world to ever sell base rockNigga, crack rock, they put it there to get ridOf the panthers, but they really created this ballinWhat, what, niggaVerse 1:Me and my niggas trying to ride dropBuy rocks then we buy blocksFrom the same dope fiends on my block who buy rocksWant supply hotWeight servin cakes like ihopEver since them last motherfuckers got shotPolice been hot on my spotSpot cops fbi watchGot fiber-optic shit up in the poleShowing my whole clique on crime watchWe let non-stop and show our facesSo what the case isWe wide on tv but still the grind don't stopNigga this oakland, the city of dopeYou know where that crack shit was inventedAnd smoked by these ghetto chemists years agoOn plymouth street we call the blockPlymouth rockThe first place like the world to ever sell base rocksNow check it,The legendary phoenix mitchell put it downSo tough they had to make a movie about the townBut called it nino brownThat bullshit new jack cityIs really based upon this place we call crack cityOakland, cali we act shittyThink crack's the answerTo get rid of these revolutionary black panthersSmokin' blow and takin (? ? ? ) like jo-jo dancerOr sniff it up your nose and ball out of controlLike tony montanaHouse in atlanta3-car garageOur ghetto superstars was hardYoung niggas touch a mil-ticketBefore they life behind barsNiggas get caught with like eighty kilosHidden in the wallBut shit ain't hidden at allFrom these cocaine sniffin dogsSame with the lawShit in your draws when they get your assAnd let the ballers ball, get the cashTill they get to your assI've never seen a baller fall on his kneesAnd snitch so fastPlea bargain run after them niggasThat hang out with your assNo wonder why that bitch-ass nigga got outSo quick, so fastCame on the block my niggas saw youChoppin' it up with taskNow that's a violationNigga can't chop it up with taskSo while the trial awaitsSome nigga walks up and pumped his assBecause the niggas in the o are hard as fuckWe sell peruvian flake, get it powdered, or rocked upDon't want nothin from life but to retire from the gameMotherfuckin city of cocaine,City of dopeEast oakland, yeah that's rightThe city of dopeEast oakland, yeah that's rightVerse 2:Them task folks can't stop usHigh school niggas get caught with a hundred g'sStashed in his locker along with a chopperNiggas be ballin like a doctor, or a surgeonM.c. hammer splurgin'He bought up countless brand new helicoptersAnd suburbans, now he hurtinThe feds spilled they base downtownSo now it's curtainsNiggas be perpin' offCertain it's gon' be a sweepDope feind came through last weekTold me it's gonna be a sweep1991's the number niggaEnd of the summerNiggas ain't ridin no fuckin hummersWe ride under buckets and try to stay on the slunderI wonder, wonder what they would doTo a nigga who get caught with 2 pounds of thunderStraight from humboldt county, fuck that brownWeed all should be green like the jungleDope fiends tryin to warn usSettin' up scene still in a bundleWe beat they ass and drag them from they hairJust like repunzelDon't fuck up our hustleBut anyway the day came just as predictedI'm up at 6 in the mornin' takin early morning pissin'Pulled down my britches, and a nigga almost shittedI heard somebody walkin on the roofI cocked the fo-fitnessWoke my cousin mike upCould be some niggas sent to strike usCause back then so many niggas didn't like usLooked out the window, all I sawWas fbi and snipersI let the china white flushAnd put that motherfucking 4-5 upSee the dope fiend he informed usTold us it's gonna be a sweep and thenHe tried to warn usBut niggas out here try to make they moneySo we 'nourmousThen only a battering ramBustin down your shit, 'nourmousHighway patrols, 5.0's, ambulance and coronersIn case there was a shootout or high-speed chase performanceBy 9:00 they lock down each baller from every cornerFrom north to west on down to east oakland californiaBut, but, them niggas from the o is hard as fuckWe sell peruvian flake powder or get it rocked upWant nothing in life but to retire from the gameWith some change in the city of cocaine,East oakland, yeah that's rightCity of dopeEast oakland, yeah that's rightCity of dope

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