Yngwie Malmsteen - Dragonfly Lyrics

I'd rather live than just imagineDon't think there is a way aroundAnd if I fail I'll still be standingWith my feet firmly on the ground.Through my window from the skyFlows a lullabySomeome's waiting in my dreamTaking me to places I've never seen.If I had some wings then I could fly (dragonfly)In my dreamsI am the the dragonfly (dragonfly)I guess I always will be searchingI live and learn from my mistakesAnd all the love that I'm expectingIs equal to the love I make.Little dreamer when evening falls. shadows fallBring some honey for my soulTake me to the places I've never been.If I had some wings then I could fly (dragonfly)In my dreams I am the dragonfly (dragonfly).

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