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YOUNGBLOODZ - Booty Club Playa Lyrics

HookYou'se just a booty club playa (a break yourself pimp)A hit the club, spend the dub (ol' sucka-ass self) (x4)(sean paul)When I hit the gc, my money buckled ? ? These hoes shakin' they ass, but they ain't shakin' it for freeLookin' dead at me, finna' get me for what I gotTattoo on the ass, got my tilly core hotNow I'm almost out the door, one hour left before they closeShawty went upstairs, freshened up and changed her clothesSmellin' good, lil' shawty ? Can you lend a couple hundred to your little cuz? And he did, so it's on, dj play my favorite songShake em' off, she shook em' off, I broke her offPut the money in her thongAll night long these nigga lookin' at me like I'm wrongDon't where your playa' partner, do dis' thang til' the money goneHook(j-bo)It's friday night, so what the hell is their to do? I guess I'll hit club niggas and go and get a drank or twoAnd who do I see at the end of the bar? It's that booty club playa, the same one without no carSpendin' his mad little ends on some ass and his friendsAnd now the night begins as I hit the gentlemensAnd then after then, I'm a' go and head over to magic cityWhere I can get slizzard some mo', and see alot mo' tittiesAnd bitties actin' shitty for somethin' they ain't gotSo look here shawty, it ain't no need you gettin' hotFor as I take another shot, up on them rocksNow let me see dat' thang, as I proceed to blow the spotHook(sean paul)My fare lookin' shawt, done spent all my changeAin't even got .35 to call a cab manNigga I'm big pistol, drank another drank of win'On the dance wit' cha'Shawty really, want me to come home wit' herChargin' five hundred, but I ain't got it to give herPut my paper down, cut her up like a swisherDamn, I'm that club bandit, nigga they call me misterThat nigga in the club payin' bills to your sister(j-bo)Now once again, I go crunk off in the backWit' my nigga mark twayne and sean paul off in the lac'And now it's on the crack, and we actin', and cuttin' the foolFor every benjamin that we spend ain't nothin' coolSo I'm a' let you know, just in case you didn't knowThat them attic crew boys steppin' in just for the lowAnd if you ain't wit' it, then deal wit' it, I gotsta goCause we ain't bout' no games, and you can take that to the storeHook

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