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XTC - Stupidly Happy Lyrics

I'm stupidly happyEverything's fineI'm stupidly happyMy heart pumping wineI'm stupidly happyWith idiot grinI'm stupidly happyYou won't catch me inAll the birds of the air call your name as they land on my kitchen roofAll the fish in the sea do the same if you need extra proofI'm stupidly happyMy vision is skewedI'm stupidly happyI'm coming unscrewedAnd if the devil walks up dressed in any disguiseI take him by the collars look him in the eyeI'm stupidly happyNow you're my defenseI'm stupidly happyIt's all making senseI'm stupidly happyI roll like a trainI'm stupidly happyWith you in my brainAll the lights of the cars in the town form the strings of a big guitarI'm a giant to play you a tune for wherever you areI'm stupidly happyAre the words to that songI'm stupidly happyAnd nothing is wrongAnd should the devil walk up with his business card outI'll tear it to confetti with a grin and shout,I'm stupidly happyAll of the timeI'm stupidly happyNow you're mine

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