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XTC - Easter Theatre Lyrics

Gold sun rolls aroundChocolate nipple brownTumble from your armsLike the ground your breasts swellLand awake from sleepHares will kick and leapFlowers climb erectSmiling from the moist kiss of her rainbow mouthChorusStage leftEnter easter and she's dressed in yellow yolkStage rightNow the son has died, the father can be bornStand upIf we'd all breathe in and blow away the smokeNew lifeWe'd applaud a new lifeOdin mounts the treeBleeds for you and meSplashing on the lambGamboling with spring's stepBuds will laugh and burstRacing to be firstTurning all the soilAs the promptress fingers through her spinning scriptChorusEaster ... in her bonnetEaster ... in her hairEaster ... are the ribbonsShe tied everywhere

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