WISHBONE ASH - Time Was Lyrics

I've got to rearrange my life,I've got to rearrange my world.I miss you, I need you.I've got to keep my memories aside,I've got to try to live again.Time was when there were things aroundTo be afraid of.I've got cause, I've even changed my mindTo turn the tables.Time was when there was no need to stopAnd rearrange it.Now I've got a memoryAnd I don't want to change it.And there's a time for waking upAnd feeling down,It's when you have to pick your feetUp from the ground.Time was when I had you around -I was a strong man.I need you to help make the changeAnd be a new man.Takes more than a day and a nightFor giving.It's not so easy just to change your wayOf living.Time was when there were things aroundTo bother me.The crime was, I couldn't startTo change my history.

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