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10CC - Don't Hang Up Lyrics

Hello thereHow have you beenI've called a million timesBut to me you're never inI know I never had the styleOr dash of errol flynnBut I loved youI'm doing really wellI'm as happy as a larkI got a new apartmentIt's as safe as central parkAnd if they ever mug meWhen I'm walking in the darkWill you knowDon't hang upDon't hang upRolled up in my cameraWith the big cheese up aboveI stumbled from my stag nightTo a never ending limousineThe band went la di da di daAnd I got loady do di dodiedLousy violins began to playI went no no noAnd as the vol-au-vents explodedI was walking down the aisle the other wayDon't hang upDon't hang upDon't say, ooohNobody's safe in our houseLeave me aloneBut a but a pleaseLeave me aloneJust a mo, a minuteI'm so aloneWe hadSome honeymoon on itchy beddingScum buzzing round your busy bodyDumb waiters waiting sweating strainingAll mass-debating my womanWe got aBum guatemala pensioneCrumbling about our ears, oleEven the trash man he sayYou got a dustbin romanceIt's going down the drainYou got a low impedenceShe's got a rocky terrainOo, you got a lot to learnOo, you got a lot to learnYou got a lot to learn about womenA lot to learn about women womenWhat's to learn about womenWe've both got a lot to learnSurprise surpriseThere's a hell of a well in your eyesHave we won the no nobel prizeHas the colour run out of our diesSurprise surpriseThere's a hell of a well in your eyesWhen the barman said what're you drinking? I said marriage on the rocksI know I never had the styleOr dash of errol flynnBut I loved youDon't hang upDon't hang upDon't say ......

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