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Ambry - Linguistic Relativity For Horses Lyrics

its 4 a.m. and the alarm clocks set for ten
as the smoke clears and settles to the ceiling
i am coming down from falling for your promises that we wont work
theres no shame in giving in
if i whispered it softly
could you pretend i never said it
her lips barely touched me
sprawled out on the carpet
ill be gone in a week
and still she finds the strength
to sleep right next to me
its 4 a.m. and the alarm clocks set for ten
and i still cant shut my eyes knowing that
the thought of me not waking up might hurt you
see the words that you dont want to hear
they are all i want to say to save you
summers here but it slipped away to an island across the sea
each night i scratch my accidents in walls that watched our
lungs breathe softly
i needed this more than youll ever know
hold on to all those lonely nights
theyll make me seem better
make me seem better

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