Common - Love Is... Lyrics

(Yeah, Love is Love.
God is Love.) 3X

How beautiful Love can be /
On the streets love is hard to see /
Its a place I got to be /
Loving You is Loving Me.

How beautiful Love can be /
On the streets love is hard to see /
Gotta reach that frequency /
Loving You is Loving Me.

1st Verse:
Yeah, you know what love is /
Even found it on the ground where the thugs live /
My man had to dig deep to find his /
Couldn't sleep cause on the real he had 5 kids /
Live nigs, real niccas express and chase it /
In crap games, black dames and big faces /
Cases in court, Fam showing loving support /
You and your baby's mom thought that Love was a sport /
As men we were taught to hold it in /
That's why we don't know how ‘til we older men /
If Love is a place, Ima go again /
At least now, now I know to go within /
At times it can take ya for a spin /
Heartbreak hotel then you're home again /
I seen Love make a nicca soul pretend/
like a story that he don't want to end /


2nd Verse:
It's all Love where we come from /
In the hood Loved we was told to run from /
That same hood where the gun sung /
We holla Love hoping it become one /
Crack got so many lives undone /
From lack of Love many hide, some run /
I knew this girl with a son who dreamt of acting in plays /
Demonstration with a man had her trapped in a maze /
Tryin to find herself to regain much of that she had gave /
Love can free us to which some react as a slave /
Funny, we love em more when they relaxed in a grave /
Wonder if a thug is raw, or is he acting afraid? /
Everybody loves somebody but I attract shade /
Heard of the love of money, but compassionate pays /
Talk about it with my youth so she understand /
What it is to be loved by a man. (Unnh!)


3rd Verse:
Some say that I'm a dreamer cause I talk about it often /
Seen the hardest niccas soften with his homie in a coffin /
We walk in, stand and fall in it /
With the right companion, we all in it /
Mary sang a song about it /
Having broad limits in the game of life /
It's the scrimmage /
Reminiscing on letters I wrote in my small days /
A letter to the people.. “Love alwaysâ€Âť!!


Outtro 4X
Love is Love
Love your Mother.
Love your Sister
God is Love
Love your Father
Love your Brother
God is Love.
Love is Love.

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