BLACK EYED PEAS - Be Free Lyrics

Bep, I know you feel it, huh (4x)Oh my goodness, I know you feel the vibrationAcross the globe no matter your locationAin't no difficulty or complicationJust as long my niggas in the celebrationCelebrated the musical liberationThe peas then demonstrated the demonstrationAnd you will feel the flush of relaxationI'ma wax these and then get heavy rotationI got you in bliss and ain't no aggrevationWhen you bump us, we bring the stimulationSo hurry up and get your daily fixationBut make sure that it's handled, it's a moderationOne dose should bring you to a limitationSo put your back into it, baby, that's right, huhI'm about to plug in some dedicationThis goes out to my brothers and my coalitionChorus:All I want is to be freeYou keep pushin up on meAll I want is to be freeYou be you let I'll be meLet me do what I feel insideWon't get taken for a rideDo just what I feel insideEverything will be alright (5x)Oh my goodness, it's obvious now you feelin meEnvious niggas plan on killing meFrontin on my niggas and also my familyFienin for my capability, it's tragedyMy technicalities die hard like batteryTry to cross us, I blast 'cause you flattin meYou oughta be on something like pcpTo come against a crew like bep (oh my goodness)Oh no you didn't try to contest meCome out delivery, won't control your bodyI'm breakin down y'all mathematicallyYes mentally, physically and spirituallyActually, I'm rippin your anatomy'cause literally you be in the cemeteryI'm about to throw a shout-out to my peepsDedicated to the dj's that pump it in their streetsChorusWhip it good like devoe we whip it goodYou understand (yo man, it's understood)We be winnin tournaments like tigerwoodsOpenin your suburbs and bump it in your hoodRock it in your box or your hooptie-hoopBump it in your hot beamer 850 coupe'cause i'ma inform y'all on what to doHop in your ride and drive down in your avenueIt's bumpin in your barbeque and your venueAt a journey, feelin that ease, is why I sent you'cause ain't no stoppin this, stoppin it'cause we be rockin it (rock, rock, rock)Yeah, yeah, yeah (8x)ChorusGather up the team, now we ready to goAny minute we'll be all over your box and videoNiggas wanna stop me and my amigosBut we still roll all over your accapella goesLeave it or this one here like meteorYour mediocre scene, you feel the roarVibration that's headed for your storeFor a change, not bragging about close to moreInstead brain fusion, I lace you up confusionRelax and feel the groove it's the solutionWe straight cruisin while the beat is still cruisinYou're here so clap your hand to what we're doinChorusWhip it good

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