SHAGGY - Not Fair Lyrics

Boy what have you done for meI've been going down on youYou not going down on meGirl that's how a rude boy play sI don't have to take you thereI can please you in other waysAcross the hall neighbors hear the soundSqueak mr. lover lover in townCarpet burns from being on the groundRudy have hot gal a moan and groanCrash oh dawn the phoneBaby don't stop yeah you like that simoneChampion lover the best pound for poundTake you to the clouds without going downtownWhy why don't you just change your waysWon't you open up your mindBoy we're living in modern daysGirl I'm coming from the schoolWhere if you want the job done rightYou have to used the proper toolYou never been love until you've been filledFilled full of pleasure from a rude boy `s skillPassion and ecstasy you know the drillFull up your cup till your juice's spillLeave the door open just for the thrillNow we're at the point where you can't keep stillCovered in sweat but feeling the chillThat's the effect of a lover man's pillTell me why you want to tease me babyDon't you want to please meWhy you holding back when I know what's on you mind repeatRepeat 1st verse

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