BON JOVI - Tokyo Road Lyrics

In a time, in a placeIn a world, they forgotLives the heart of meA part that just won't dieJust a boy, not a manSent to war, in a landThey said we'd fight for their freedomBut I felt like a hired handSometimes I have to find my waySometimes I have to get awayChorus:Take me back to tokyo roadTake me back to tokyo roadWorking hard, for a passGot the night, make it lastIt was a time to rememberAll my life I would never forgetIn a bar, breathing smokeSnorting whiskey, drinking cokeIt was a time when no one would dieAnd there wasn't a careSometimes I wish it was that wayCause sometimes I have to get awayChorusThis guy turns me around and he's pointing up the stairsI found myself in her doorway but there wasn't anybody thereShe walked in the room with nothing on but a red lightAnd with a smile she got so close to me.She whispered something 'bout midnightYou know I didn't understand a word she saidBut it felt so goodShe knew that I didn't have any moneyBut baby I knew she would...Chorus

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