This time I need to knowI really must be toldIf it's overIt's up to you uou knowThe things you want to holdAre in piecesCrashing downCrashing down againCrashing downCrashing down my freindsI've got to move it onI've got to sing my songWhile I still canDispatch the last alarmsHand out the last few charmsThere's no surprisesOnly loveOnly love can winCrashing downCrashing down againOnly loveYeah only love will winCrashing downCrashing down againThis time I need to knowI really must be toldThat it's overI've lived my life aloneMy every step foretoldTo never lingerAnd yet it haunts me soWhat are we letting goOur spell is brokenCrashing downCrashing down my friendsCrashing downCrashing down againOnly loveYeah only love willBe enoughYeah only love will winFor every chemicalYou trade a piece of your soulWith no returnAnd who you think you knowDoesn't know you at allTheir drain is needlessSomeday we'll wave helloAnd wish we'd never waved goodbyeTo this romanceWe'll drink up every lineAnd shoot up every wordTill there's no moreCrashing downCrashing down my friendsOnly loveOnly love can winSo cry these tears we'll cry as allWe've held so long to fall apartAs the curtain falls we bid you all goodnight

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