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SMASHING PUMPKINS - Thru The Eyes Of Ruby Lyrics

Wrap me up in always, and drag me in with maybesYour innocence is treasure, your innocence is deathYour innocence is all I haveBreathing under water, and living under glass, and(chorus)If you spin your love aroundThe secrets of your dreamsYou may find your love is goneAnd is not quite what it seemedTo appear to disappearBeneath all your darkest fearsI believe in never, I believe in all the wayBut belief is not to notice, belief is just some faithAnd faith can't help you to escapeAnd with this ring I wed thee trueAnd with this ring I wed thee nowAnd with this ring I play so deadBut no one's asking for the truth, so let me tell you(chorus)To the reveleations of fresh faced youthNo one will come to save youSo speak your peace in the murmurs drawnBut youth is wasted on the youngYour strength is my weakness, your weakness my hateMy love for you just can't explainWhy we're forever frozen, forever beautifulForever lost inside ourselvesThe night has come to hold us young

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