SMASHING PUMPKINS - Mayonaise Lyrics

Fool enough to almost be itCool enough to not quite see itDoomedPick your pockets full of sorrowAnd run away with me tomorrowJuneWe'll try and ease the painBut somehow we'll feel the sameWell, no one knowsWhere our secrets goI send a heart to all my deariesWhen your life is so, so drearyDreamI'm rumored to the straight and narrowWhile the harlots of my perilsScreamAnd I failBut when I can, I willTry to understandThat when I can, I willMother weep the years I'm missingAll our time can't be givenBackShut my mouth and strike the demonsThat cursed you and your reasonsOut of hand and out of seasonOut of love and out of feelingSo badWhen I can, I willWords defy the planWhen I can, I willFool enough to almost be itAnd cool enough to not quite see itAnd old enough to always feel thisAlways old, I'll always feel thisNo more promise no more sorrowNo longer will I followCan anybody hear meI just want to be meWhen I can, I willTry to understandThat when I can, I will

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