SMASHING PUMPKINS - Annie-dog Lyrics

Amphetamine annie-dogHas her leash and a faceHer velvet spleen her shackle spineHer dimond curseIt comes with mineA vessel sheFor violent iConfession arms a wakeMine, mine you were always minePossessed by my tasteAnd below the angel dogCombs her hair and sings her psalmsThe bombs go offShe doesn't noticeIt all goes wrongShe sets things tragicShe is venusShe is marsShe's electricAnd the struggle ofUpon my face we leave no traceBut in her stomach mercury agedShe holds the bloodShe carves the knivesShe digs the wives in our babiesAmphetamine annie-dogPulls her trashAnd her storiesFrom place to placeAnd bed to bedGives of herself and the magnet headAnother floor another ceilingCounting stairs with double meaningsIs it wrong to be swallowed wholeTo disappear in herTo give her the priceless peaceOf giving up controlWe tumble out into the streetsAnd annie-dog she drags her leashPretty faceUgly mouthBitter bred and so releasedAnd by the noAnd by the yesAnnie goes if you couldn't guessA simple manA sycophantHer elephant with the laughing callShe wants clean sheetsAnd fresh flowersAnd dental shotsAnd the hong kong glueAmphetamine annie-dogHas her leash and a face

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