BON JOVI - Silent Night Lyrics

After the smoke clearsWhen it's down to you and iWhen the sun appearsAnd there's nothing left but goodbyesWe'll just turn and walk awayHow could we let it end like thisJust turn and walk awayShould we seal it with a kissIt's too lateNow you're out and on the runIt's too lateHeld up in love without a gunChorusSilent nightWe hold up our candle lightSilent nightThe night our love diedNo words to sayAnd we're both too tired to fightJust hold me close and don't let go...It was all so simple whenYou were to be queen and I'd be your kingI guess those dreams got lostCause baby you're still you and I'm still meNow letting goIt's always the hardest part to fightWhen we both knowWe're just two more victims of the nightIt's too lateToo late to wonder whyMuch too lateTo save a love that's died.ChorusJust hold me close and don't let me goAfter the smoke clearedIt was down to you and iWhen the sun appearedThere was nothing left but goodbyes...Silent night

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