ROLLING STONES - Monkey Man Lyrics

(m. jagger/k. richards)I'm a fleabit peanut monkeyAll my friends are junkiesThat's not really trueI'm a cold italian pizzaI could use a lemon squeezerWhat you do? But I've been bit and I've been tossed aroundBy every she-rat in this townHave you, babe? Well, I am just a monkey manI'm glad you are a monkey woman tooI was bitten by a boarI was gouged and I was goredBut I pulled on throughYes, I'm a sack of broken eggsI always have an unmade bedDon't you? Well, I hope we're not too messianicOr a trifle too satanicWe love to play the bluesWell I am just a monkey manI'm glad you are a monkey, monkey woman too, babeI'm a monkeyI'm a monkeyI'm a monkey manI'm a monkey manI'm a monkey...

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