ROLLING STONES - I Got The Blues Lyrics

(m. jagger/k. richards)As I stand by your flameI get burned once againFeelin' low down, I'm blueAs I sit by the fireOf your warm desireI've got the blues for you, yeahEvery night you've been awayI've sat down and I have prayedThat you're safe in the arms of a guyWho will bring you aliveWon't drag you down with abuseIn the silk sheet of timeI will find peace of mindLove is a bed full of bluesAnd I've got the blues for youAnd I've got the blues for youAnd I'll bust my brains out for youAnd I'll tear my hair outI'm gonna tear my hair out just for youIf you don't believe what I'm singingAt three o'clock in the morning, babe, wellI'm singing my song for you

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