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RUSH - Witch Hunt Part Iii Of 'fear' Lyrics

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifesonThe night is blackWithout a moonThe air is thick, and stillThe vigilantes gather onThe lonely torchlit hillFeatures distorted in the flickering lightThe faces are twisted and grotesqueSilent and stern in the sweltering nightThe mob moves like demons possessedQuiet in conscience, calm in their right ---Confident their ways are bestThe righteous riseWith burning eyesOf hatred and ill-willMadmen fed on fear and liesTo beat, and burn, and killThey say there are strangers, who threaten usIn our immigrants and infidelsThey say there is strangeness, too dangerousIn our theatres and bookstore shelvesThat those who know what's best for us ---Must rise and save us from ourselvesQuick to judgeQuick to angerSlow to understandIgnorance and prejudiceAnd fearWalk hand in hand

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