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RUSH - Time Stand Still Lyrics

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifesonI turn my back to the windTo catch my breath,Before I start off againDriven on,Without a moment to spendTo pass an eveningWith a drink and a friendI let my skin get too thinI'd like to pause,No matter what I pretendLike some pilgrim --Who learns to transcend --Learns to liveAs if each step was the endTime stand still --I'm not looking backBut I want to look around me nowSee more of the peopleAnd the places that surround me nowFreeze this momentA little bit longerMake each sensationA little bit strongerExperience slips away...I turn my face to the sunClose my eyes,Let my defences down --All those woundsThat I can't get unwoundI let my past go too fastNo time to pause --If I could slow it all downLike some captain,Whose ship runs aground --I can wait until the tideComes aroundMake each impressionA little bit strongerFreeze this motionA little bit longerThe innocence slips away...Summer's going fast --Nights growing colderChildren growing up --Old friends growing olderExperience slips away...

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