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RUSH - The Spirit Of Radio Lyrics

Inspired by 'the spirit of radio' in toronto, alive and well (so far).Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifesonBegin the dayWith a friendly voiceA companion, unobtrusivePlays that song that's so elusiveAnd the magic music makes your morning moodOff on your wayHit the open roadThere is magic at your fingersFor the spirit ever lingersUndemanding contactIn your happy solitudeInvisible airwavesCrackle with lifeBright antennae bristleWith the energyEmotional feedbackOn a timeless wavelengthBearing a gift beyond price ---Almost free...All this machineryMaking modern musicCan still be open-heartedNot so coldly chartedIt's really just a questionOf your honestyOne likes to believeIn the freedom of musicBut glittering prizesAnd endless compromisesShatter the illusionOf integrityFor the words of the profitsAre written on the studio wall,Concert hall ---Echoes with the sounds...Of salesmen.

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