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RUSH - Manhattan Project Lyrics

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifesonImagine a timeWhen it all began in the dying days of a warA weapon -- that would settle the scoreWhoever found it firstWould be sure to do their worst --They always had before...Imagine a manWhere it all began a scientist pacing the floorIn each nation -- always eager to exploreTo build the best big stickTo turn the winning trick --But this was something more...The big bang -- took and shook the worldShot down the rising sunThe end was begun -- it would hit everyoneWhen the chain reaction was doneThe big shots -- try to hold it backFools try to wish it awayThe hopeful depend on a world without endWhatever the hopeless may sayImagine a placeWhere it all beganThey gathered from across the landTo work in the secrecy of the desert sandAll of the brightest boysTo play with the biggest toys --More than they bargained for...Imagine a manWhen it all beganThe pilot of enola gayFlying out of the shockwaveOn that august dayAll the powers that beAnd the course of historyWould be changed for evermore...

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