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RUSH - Mystic Rhythms Lyrics

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifesonSo many things I think aboutWhen I look far awayThings I know -- things I wonderThings I'd like to sayThe more we think we know aboutThe greater the unknownWe suspend our disbeliefAnd we are not alone --Mystic rhythms -- capture my thoughtsAnd carry them awayMysteries of night escape the light of dayMystic rhythms -- under northern lightsPrimitive things stirThe hearts of everyoneWe sometimes catch a windowA glimpse of what's beyondWas it just imaginationStringing us along? More things than are dreamed aboutUnseen and unexplainedWe suspend our disbeliefAnd we are entertainedMystic rhythms -- capture my thoughtsAnd carry them awayNature seems to spinA supernatural wayMystic rhythms -- under city lightsOr a canopy of starsWe feel the powersAnd we wonder what they areWe feel the push and pullOf restless rhythms from afar

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