RUSH - Freewill Lyrics

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee and alex lifesonThere are those who think that lifeHas nothing left to chanceWith a host of holy horrorsTo direct our aimless danceA planet of playthingsWe dance on the stringsOf powers we cannot perceiveThe stars aren't aligned ---Or the gods are malignBlame is better to give than receiveYou can choose a ready guideIn some celestial voiceIf you choose not to decideYou still have made a choiceYou can choose from phantom fearsAnd kindness that can killI will choose a path that's clearI will choose free willThere are those who think that they've been dealt a losing handThe cards were stacked against them ---They weren't born in lotus-landAll preordainedA prisoner in chainsA victim of venomous fateKicked in the faceYou can't pray for a placeIn heaven's unearthly estateEach of usA cell of awarenessImperfect and incompleteGenetic blendsWith uncertain endsOn a fortune huntThat's far too fleet...

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