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RUSH - Fly By Night Lyrics

Words and music by geddy lee and neil peart(original first stanza)Airport scurry flurry facesParade of passers byPeople going many placesWith a smile or just a sighWaiting waiting pass the timeAnother cigaretteGet in line - gate thirty-nineThe time is not here yet (end)Why try? I know whyThe feeling inside me says it's time I was goneClear head, new life aheadI want to be king now not just one more pawnFly by night, away from hereChange my life againFly by night goodbye my dearMy ship isn't coming and I just can't pretendMoon rise, thoughtful eyesStaring back at me from the window besideNo fright or hindsightLeaving behind that empty feeling insideStart a new chapterFind what I'm afterIt's changing every dayThe change of a seasonIs enough of a reasonTo want to get awayQuiet and pensiveMy thoughts apprehensiveThe hours drift awayLeaving my homelandPlaying a lone handMy life begins today

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