RUSH - Cygnus X-1 Lyrics

Words by neil peart, music by geddy lee, alex lifeson, and neil peartBook one ---- the voyagePrologueIn the constellation of cygnusThere lurks a mysterious, invisible forceThe black holeOf cygnus x-1Six stars of the northern crossIn mourning for their sister's lossIn a final flash of gloryNevermore to grace the night....1InvisibleTo telescopic eyeInfinityThe star that would not dieAll who dareTo cross her courseAre swallowed byA fearsome forceThrough the voidTo be destroyedOr is there something more? Atomized ---- at the coreOr through the astral door ----To soar....2I set a course just east of lyraAnd northwest of pegasusFlew into the light of denebSailed across the milky wayOn my ship, the 'rocinante'Wheeling through the galaxies,Headed for the heart of cygnusHeadlong into mysteryThe x-ray is her siren songMy ship cannot resist her longNearer to my deadly goalUntil the black hole ----Gains control....3Spinning, whirling,Still descendingLike a spiral sea,UnendingSound and furyDrowns my heartEvery nerveIs torn apart....To be continued

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