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ROXETTE - Crazy About You Lyrics

Ooooo...I'm crazy about youI'll give you all my loveYes I'm crazy about youNight and day, day and nightI'll be your heart's salvationHey baby, let's stay togetherLet's make it now and foreverI want to show it and shout itAnd tell the whole world about itI thought it never could happenI thought you never would see meYou run a lovin' locomotiveYou make my needs very primitiveThe more I get, the more I want from you, of your affectionWhen you're around, I'm in control, I feel a complete connectionHello, helloI'm so crazy about you, you know... babyHello, hello, helloYes I'm crazy, so crazy about youC'mon close your eyes, honey, trust me!I want to enjoy your bodyI want to take you much higherAnd play the game of desireWell I can't hideI'm getting hungry for a biteI'm blinded by this obsessionI keep dancing like your possessionI'll wrap my legs all around you I'll show you total devotionNo need to talk love will speak to you with sweet emotionsHello, helloI'm so crazy about you, you know...babyHello, hello, helloYes I'm crazy, so crazy about you

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