BON JOVI - Bang A Drum Lyrics

J. bon joviI went to see the preacherTo teach me how to prayHe looked at me and smiledThen the preacher turned awayHe said if you want to tell him somethingYou ain't gotta fold your handsSay it with your heartYour soul and believe itAnd I'd say amenBang a drum for the sinnersBang a drum for the sinsBang a drum for the losersAnd those who winBang a drum bang it loudlyOr as soft as you needBang a drum for yourself sonAnd a drum for meI called upon my brother just theOther day, he said: john I'm gonnaDie if I don't start to live againI work each day and night like clockworkJust trying to make ends meetI could kick this bad world's assIf I could just get on my feetI'd bang a drum for the dyingBang a drum for the truthBang a drum for the innocenceLost in our youthBang a drum bang it loudlyOr as soft as you needBang a drum for you brotherAnd a drum for meI don't know where all the rivers runI don't know how far, I don't know how comeBut I'm gonna die believin'Each step that I takeAin't worth the ground thatI walk onIf we don't walk it ourOwn wayNo I don't claim to be a wisemanA poet or a saintI'm just another man who's searchingFor a better wayBut my heart beats loud as thunderFor the things that I believeSometimes I wanna run for coverSometimes I want to screamBang a drum for tomorrowBang a drum for the pastBang a drum for the heroesThat won't come backBang a drum for the promiseBang a drum for the liesBang a drum for the loversAnd the tears they've criedBang a drum bang it loudlyOr as soft as you needBut as long as my heart keeps on bangin'I got a reason to believe

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