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Buck - Father Christmas Lyrics

Father Christmas...Father Christmas
He's the meanest man in the whole wide world
in the whole wide world you can feel it.

He's a miser! He's a skinflint !
He's stingy louse with his stocking out
for your Christmas gift and he'll steal it.

It's a shame, he's a villian
What a game, for a villian to play
on Christmas Day!

Father Christmas...Father Christmas
who'll be just as mean as he's ever been
and I'm here to say we should all send Father Christmas
on his merry Christmas way!!

Father Christmas...Father Christmas
he's the rottenest man in the universe
there's no one worse you can tell it

He's a rascal ! He's a bandit !
he's a crafty one, keep it all undone
he'll go in your house and sell it !

It's a crime, it's a scandal
what a game for a vandal to play
on Christmas Day!

If you distrust, Father Christmas
it's well to know, that his heart's of stone
cause I'm here to say, we should all send Father Christmas

Father Christmas...Father Christmas..Father Christmas...Father Christmas


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