BON JOVI - Fear Lyrics

I see you looking over your shoulderTell me who do you think's out thereYou're reaching for your four leaf cloverBut baby there ain't no luck down thereI swear that there's no heart in this cityIt's here the slogan readsDo your time everybody's doingTheir sentenceIt's just there ain't nobody hereWho knows just what's the crimeI watched my father live a lie hereI'd rather die than fade awayI read the rulesAnd yeah I know themStill you ain't ever gonnaMake me play the game ofFearFearFearFearRunning with the ratsThrough the cityMakes you feel like you'reA partner in crimeGirl once you won't stop to watchThat little girl didHey baby won't you stop and hear meJust being here we'reBreathing heart attacksWe can run and chaseThe setting sun we can runAnd we won't ever look backTake my hand I know we'll make itI'll let nothing slow us downI know you want to curseThis place but there's onlyOne thing that's stopping us nowFear fear fearOf a new thingFear fear fearOf the brass ringYou ain't one for taking chancesYou work and live and breathe that 9 to 5Still that's what you call livingThat's surviving to meAnd surviving is living to die inFear

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